Pup’s 3rd Birthday

20140803_161221 pup grid easter pup small pup

What a bad bunny mama I am! Okay, not really, but I forgot to post for Pup’s 3rd birthday which was last Friday. I don’t know the exact date but he was born in August 2011 so I decided to make it August 15, the middle of every month. :)

With out him, I wouldn’t be who I am right now. It’s sounds cliche but it’s true. I see him in every animal and that being said, I have developed such a strong love and connection to all animals. I wouldn’t be a volunteer, I wouldn’t feel so strongly about animal welfare, and I would probably consume a lot of meat. But thanks to this guy, my life is 1000x better. I cannot imagine my life with out him. I look forward to coming home to him every day. He has got such a spunky personality (a vet even said so!) and he always does something to keep me entertained. So here’s to another 7 years more, at least, with my baby boy. He makes me laugh, has taught me so much about rabbits in general, and just makes me a better person. I love him so much!

Who says animals can’t be your best friend? After all, he is mine!


Strays, Homeless, and Other Sad Sights

I recently came back from vacation in the Domincan Republic. I was all geared up and ready for a good time with my good friend from work. Little, naive me didn’t even think twice about seeing stray animals roaming the broken city streets and beaches. 

Well, yes. After getting picked up from the airport and on our way to the resort in our shuttle I saw quite a few stray dogs wandering the streets. I immediately became upset. Call me a buzzkill or a sensitive Sally, I don’t care. What I did care about though, was the well-being of those poor dogs. I quickly realized that there was really nothing I could do and tried my best to push it out of my mind. What was I going to do–stop the bus and yell, “A dog! Let me get out and feed it!” 

It didn’t end there though. The second day my friend and I were taking a walk on the beach and I saw yet another dog. This one looked injured, as it walked with a limp, and had fleas. My heart was breaking. I was supposed to be having a good time and here I was in tears because I felt so darn helpless. I am not exaggerating when I say that I teared up and decided that I needed some time to myself. I went into the pool to cool off and calm down a bit and I avoided the beach for the rest of the day and the day after that. I couldn’t help returning to the beach a few days later and I worked up the courage to ask someone in Spanish if that was their dog. The man said no but they fed her (thank you, God!) and that she is old. She was 16. No wonder she looked miserable. It made me feel a little bit better, but I was still sad that she seemed hurt and alone.

I saw a few more stray dogs within my time there and it wasn’t easy to swallow. I learned that the stray/homeless animal count in foreign countries are probably much higher than they are here in the US. All I wanted to do was talk to the dogs, help them, heal them, and make them feel loved. 

The fact that I care way too much about animals is both a blessing and a curse. That is why I work with a dog rescue–I want to make a difference in these animals’ lives and make them happy. Very happy. Since animals cannot speak/standup for themselves I want to do it for them.

What Do You Do When You’re Allergic to Your Pet?

Freak out? Get mad? Ponder what life is really all about?

Besides the above, I would suggest going to an allergist.

I made my first trip to the allergist last Saturday and after 43 arm scrapes (a form of allergy testing) I found out it’s official: I am allergic to rabbits and the hay I feed them. What a double whammy that was.

After getting prescribed a bunch of different medicines (one of which is putting a damper on my mood and weight!), I ran out to Bed, Bath & Beyond and bought a HEPA air cleaner. I also cleaned every inch of my room with a vacuum and towels.

It is unfortunate because since I still live at home with my family, I have no choice but to keep the rabbits in my bedroom. It’s their home too. And moving them outside is not an option–for many reasons.

So until my second round of allergy tests this upcoming Saturday, I really won’t know what to do besides what I’ve already done.

No more jumping onto my bed for Pup and Luna. I always love cuddling with them in bed, but now we have to move the cuddling to the floor. Sometimes I’d even fall asleep while Pup was laying on my bed at night. It sounds silly but it is such a precious sight and was comforting in a way. There’d also be times where I’d wake up in the middle of the night from him jumping up onto my bed and hopping around.

I have severe asthma, especially with the mold and pollen in full-swing, and now the rabbits are just adding to it. It really is an unfavorable situation. My rabbits are my life!

Here are some measures that I learned can help and if you are going through the same thing, they can help you too:

  • Vacuum regularly
  • Brush your pet outside regularly to rid the amount of stray fur floating around
  • Buy a HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filter
  • Clean room regularly
  • For those who have rabbits and are allergic to the hay, like me–buy a large bin to store hay in. Store bin in garage. Transfer hay to a separate bag whenever you have to feed the rabbit hay so the particles don’t get in your room. (It may be a bit more effort, but I guess I have no choice if it will help my situation)
  • Don’t let them on your bed anymore! :(
My sweet Pup now has been moved to the floor.

My sweet Pup now has been moved to the floor.

Scooty Poof: The Rabbit on Wheels

It goes with out saying that if you have a pet, you better dedicate a part of yourself towards him or her.

A 2-year old rabbit who goes by the name Scooty Poof has owners who are extremely dedicated to her health and well-being. 

Scooty was rescued in Los Angeles by Too Many Bunnies Rescue and Linda Baley and taken in by Dr. Sari Kanfer. Dr. K had a friend who works for an airline that flew Scooty to Charlotte, NC where her owners picked her up. They are currently looking to get/build a new wheelchair that’s is more stable and better fitting.

scooty poof

Taken from Scooty Poof’s Facebook page linked above.

Scooty Poof gave birth too young and ended up paralyzing her back legs.

If some people were faced with the challenge of having to take care of a disabled animal, there is a good chance that the animal would be tossed aside the road, found in a garbage can (true story, happened in the UK), or straight-up neglected. Scooty Poof was extremely fortunate that she found 2 people who care for her tremendously. 

All it takes is love, dedication, and care and you’ll be one of the luckiest animals on earth!

Here is a video of her exercising, she looks pretty happy to me! And it’s so obvious she has a great will to live despite her disability.

Scooty Poof’s story is definitely something we could all learn from.

For more on Scooty, visit her Facebook page linked above and YouTube channel.

The Annual Rabbit Scramble

The words “rabbit scramble” may seem funny at first. But when you learn what it actually is, you’ll see that there is no humor behind the true meaning.

There is a county fair in Iowa that has a “tradition” of “rabbit scrambles.” Okay, so what exactly is a scramble and what goes on? Well, children chase after baby bunnies and from what I understand, take them home. This sounds like a recipe for rabbit abuse and neglect, first from being chased and dragged around, then when new parents of these rabbits realize how much care rabbits need, what happens to the rabbits? They will end up at overwhelmed humane societies or worse, which I don’t even want to think about! It has 1850 signatures so far, 3150 is needed. Time is running out, please help end this unnecessary and harmful tradition. It’s cruel, inhumane, and just plain stupid.

Here are some photos from rabbit scramble events:

And you know what frustrates me even more? This newsletter and the comments following. I was so irate I almost registered to the site just so I can give those heartless people a piece of my mind! Here are some of the ignorant and delusional comments:

So sad that a few people have to ruin the fun for the children. We have been going to the fair for as long as I can remember and the scrambles have always been a part of them.” – Fairlover

So, if rabbits are so easily “scared to death”, why haven’t I been successful in scaring to death the ones that insist on eating my flowers and vegetables?!” – chatty1

What about children’s happiness at a joyful event that’s been going on since the 1960’s?” -xdfred2

Some are saying, “since a vet is there, they will be fine.” Total BS. What is the vet going to do when these clueless people who win a rabbit take them home and have no idea what to do with them? 

It’s utterly ridiculous, frustrating, and pointless. It’s only hurting the rabbits. The children can go have fun elsewhere, such as the rides and games.

Note: This doesn’t happen in just Iowa. Unfortunately, many other fairs around the US have rabbit scrambles too. 

1st Day at the Kennel

Yesterday was my first day at the kennel. I have never been to any kind of kennel before so I had no idea what to expect. 

When I pulled in the lot I heard tons of barking and when I entered the doors of the kennel the barking only got louder. When I walked into the room where the dogs were boarded all of the dogs were barking, banging on their cage doors, and some were even growling. Their water bowls were splashing water everywhere creating a mess of dirt and water. Fortunately there is a drain that runs throughout the middle of the room where the water can flow into. 

I wanted to cry. I was heartbroken. Most of these dogs were homeless. It looked like something straight out of an ASPCA commercial (minus the injured/ill animals). Some dogs were giving me sad, sad eyes. I placed the back of my hand against their cages so they could sniff me. I tried to speak to them in a comforting tone but it was way too loud to be heard. I couldn’t even hear what the other volunteer was trying to tell me.

The cage doors were almost impossible to open. It was super hard to concentrate because of the volume of all the barking. I wanted to release all of these dogs and take them to nice, comfortable homes. The situation wasn’t great. The spaces were small (not big enough for a German Shepherd, at least) but them being there was much better than the alternative–euthanization.

The first dog from our rescue we took out was this guy, Blake.

Photo taken from gsgsr.org/availabledogs

Photo taken from gsgsr.org/availabledogs

Blake’s a big guy, but he’s only 4 years old. He’s a lovable pup who just wants to play and be your friend. And he’s a white Shepherd! Before I started volunteering I didn’t know there was anything outside of the black/tan Shepherds. I felt so bad for him when I saw him yesterday. According to the volunteer I was with, it was the first time she has ever seen him cry to be let out. His ears were all the way back on his head (a sign of fright) and he kept crying. He was the first dog we took out to play. He’s such a good-looking dog! He doesn’t do well in the kennel, as do all German Shepherds. I really hope he gets fostered or adopted soon!

Mario was the second dog we took out to play.

Taken from gsgsr.org/availabledogs

Photo taken from gsgsr.org/availabledogs

This guy is really sweet. He has one broken paw and has taught himself to walk and run on only 3 paws. He can walk on all 4 but he can’t do it with out limping. He used to have a home, but he and the other dogs did not get along well. That is how his paw broke. It would be amazing if he could get out of the kennel and into a foster or forever home.

I plan on going back to the kennel this weekend and doing the same thing–walking, playing, and loving the dogs!!

Hey Whole Foods, Bunnies are Friends, NOT Food!

Sigh. It’s a sad time for bunnies. Whole Foods, a highly regarded store that is shopped by a very large number of consumers, has started selling rabbit meat. Let me add a key word, domestic rabbit meat. This means, our lovely little pets we cuddle with, care for, and love deeply are being sold for consumption.

The Sweet Bunny Project

Just because customers have requested that Whole Foods starts selling rabbit meats, the popular business decided that selling rabbit would bring it a great amount of profit, so why not? Right? 


It hurts all of us rabbit owners who would do anything to protect our precious fur babies. It makes us sad to even imagine one of our own being caught, “raised humanely,” and slaughtered for a temporary taste sensation for our palette.

A heartbreaking fact from rabbit.org:

These are the rabbits who will be bred over and over (Oz Farms, one of the growers who will be supplying Whole Foods in Northern California, brags that “one rabbit can produce up to 320 pounds of meat in a year in just a small area” – Press Democrat, June 20, 2014) until they are spent, while their babies (called “fryers”) are slaughtered, with no protection from the Humane Methods of Slaughter Act, screaming in pain. (They are slaughtered at 9-12 weeks, when they reach 5 pounds, or 2.5 pounds “dressed,” which means butchered.) Oz makes $7.99 for each of the rabbits that they raise, kill and sell (Press Democrat, Jan. 2, 2014).

There really isn’t much that we the people can do here besides the obvious: writing letters to Whole Foods and raising awareness. Something else we can do, though, is boycott Whole Foods. Boycott, boycott, boycott.

I’ve actually never shopped at a Whole Foods before. I’ve always thought they were more expensive and opted for Shop Rite, so this will be easy for me. What won’t be easy though, is knowing that my favorite animal in the world is being killed for meat. 

It straight-up sucks (for lack of a better word) that this is happening. Now that Whole Foods is selling rabbit meat, other grocery stores will most likely follow the trend (I hate that word) and follow suit, thereby creating a new demand for rabbit meat. Pretty soon, it’ll be more popular than it was and more rabbits will live miserably short lives in cages only to be slaughtered. I may be sounding repetitive but this is something that is very near and dear to me and I feel the need to stress this point immensely.

So please, let us work together to boycott Whole Foods and hopefully make a large enough difference that maybe, just maybe, they will stop.

Ways to Help:

(If you don’t want to keep receiving emails from these sites, then create a “spam” email address, make one up, or simply unsubscribe ASAP.)

  1. Change.org: Please do not sell us in your stores!
  2. Write a Yelp Review for Whole Foods
  3. Tell Whole Foods your decision. Feel free to borrow rabbit.org’s letter
  4. Spread the word by posting eye-opening photos such as this one. 

I’m gonna let this photo sink in… 

Critter Week

I’m house sitting for the week. Yay! Here are some pictures of the critters I am watching.

Don’t worry, Pup and Luna are here with me! I could never leave them home! :)


There’s also a goldfish and 2 gerbils but I haven’t gotten a chance to take a picture of them yet.

This is Miles. He’s a 2 year old Shepherd-Chow mix. Such a friendly and well-trained dog. Love him so much!!



I was rubbing his belly for about a half hour here. You can see how relaxed he is here!

Now that's a happy doggie.

Now that’s a happy doggie.

Lulu is around 8 years old. She’s a Maine Coon cat. So soft, so cute, and so friendly. She likes to sleep with me. I like it too.



Miles’ paws are crossed. What a stud. <3

Paws crossed. So cute.

Paws crossed. So cute.

Woman Kills Rabbit Because He Eats Food in Her Garden

Whenever I write something in red that means I’m mad. In this case, mad is an understatement.

I don’t know how to express my disgust on this subject with out coming off as impolite or vulgar so I will try my best. This is something I am very passionate about because it involves an animal that not only do I have but love with all of my heart.

British writer, broadcaster, activist and former vegetarian Jeanette Winterson caught a rabbit eating her roses and sprouts in her Cotswolds garden. As part of her revenge, she killed, skinned, boned, cooked the animal, fed the innards to her cat and took several photos which were posted on her Twitter account. Winterson even joked about crafting a glove puppet with the animal’s head.

She was even quick enough to post photos on her Twitter account of her cat eating the rabbit, the rabbit on her kitchen table after being skinned, and a pot of boiling rabbit on her stove. Those photos will forever be imprinted in my mind, but I do not want to post that rubbish on my blog. It will certainly offend and upset anyone who sees it.

I can’t even begin to state my thoughts on this. It just boggles my mind that someone would have the nerve to do this. 

Did it not cross her mind that an animal’s, not just rabbit’s, home is outside? We humans have different homes. It’s called a house. An animal’s natural instinct for survival is to find food wherever they can. This one rabbit happened to find his food in this beast’s garden. Little did it know it would have gotten trapped, killed, and cooked–all as some revenge for nibbling on her precious herbs. 

Instead of killing this innocent rabbit, why couldn’t she put up more of a secure fence or gate into her garden? Why couldn’t she start planting extra herbs so not all of hers would be lost? Why would a former vegetarian do this? Why would she even brag about it on her social media page? 

This all makes absolutely zero sense and it sickens me. The woman did this out of spite. She must have some underlying issues going on.

Unfortunately, the only way we can send her some kind of message is to boycott everything of hers. Don’t buy her books or any other works. When she loses readers or “fans” maybe she’ll realize that she’s a horrible person.