“Oops, I let the cow in.”

Most see cows as food but the animal lovers see cows as friends. If you are part of the latter you will surely enjoy this video. 

Izzy the little cow was let (aka snuck) in by her human friend and gets caught by her mother.

Cuteness quickly ensues, as the calf curls up with the little girl and cuddles with her.

Videos like this just go to show that cows have feelings too. Their sole purpose in life is not to be killed for food, leather, etc. but it’s to live a life filled with love and the normalcy every animal should have. It pains me to imagine the cruelty they go through daily for the meat/fashion industry.

Izzy thinks she’s a dog actually. In the video she’s just seen chillin’ on the porch with her dog friend and the cute little human who let her in. 

The woman behind the camera, aka the adorable girl’s mom, said in the comments, “She [Izzy] was very sick when she arrived..her mother gave birth to her in a swamp in late November she almost froze and nearly drowned. She didn’t have very good chance of surviving..as she developed pneumonia and had water in her lungs..She of course is a bottle baby so human touch and interaction is all she knew. She came here only a few days old…and I let my little girl bond with her as much as she wanted”

I’d love to have a cow one day (besides live on a farm). Learning about their mannerisms and developing a connection with them would be simply amazing.


I am not a vegan. I think to become a vegan takes an enormous amount of strength. Maybe one day I can become one but for now, vegetarianism is what I’ve been following.

I’ve mentioned this in past posts numerous times but what made me call it quits with meat was the documentary Food Inc.

I’ve just found out about the documentary Earthlings and by reading many synopsis’ and reviews, I could not ever watch it. ANYthing that has to do with animal torture, death, etc. will simply scar me for life. I am an extremely sensitive human being and witnessing the look on a cow’s face before he gets his throat slit, the look on a fox’s face before he’s skinned alive, or the looks of many puppies’ eyes in cruel puppy mills will have me bawling my eyes out for days. I just cannot handle that nonsense. 

I wish I could watch it though because I want to be more educated. 

But it’s those gruesome images that are enough to get someone to think and put their life–and animals’ lives–in perspective and think, “Is this piece of bacon really worth it?”

To eliminate meat from the diet is extremely hard. I mean, I still crave burgers, especially when the smell hits my nose. But I want zero part in consuming an innocent’s animals meat. No way. 

But I know that there are some of you out there who have the heart to watch this doc and go vegetarian/vegan. Yes it will haunt you for weeks but it will be rewarding not taking part in this cruel cycle.

Someone once asked me if I got mad when I see people eating meat and my answer was no. I cannot control other people’s diets/choices. To be honest I do get melancholy every now and then at restaurants or when I see my dad preparing steak for dinner. But what I can do is create the awareness and maybe make people realize that animals undergo an immense amount of pain and suffering for human consumption.

This doc isn’t just about meat it’s also about pets (spaying and neutering), clothes (fur, leather), entertainment (circuses, horse racing, rodeos), and research (cosmetic, drug, food testing). JUST to name a few…

What’s out of sight is out of mind, a number of people think … “Well yeah, if I don’t see it going on, it doesn’t affect me.” That’s plain ignorance. You need to know the facts. You need to know what exactly you are wearing and think about what it took to get there. 

An example: a rabbit/guinea pig/rat getting perfume/lotion/soap rubbed in his eye and skin to test for allergic reactions. If you want to see for yourself, simply Google “animal lab testing.”

So if you think you can handle horrific sights in the documentary Earthlings, then by all means, please watch it. I commend you. Because I know I can’t.

Being a Volunteer

Volunteering is a selfless act of promoting goodness or improvement of life. Volunteers perform tasks from the generosity of their own hearts. When an individual volunteers for an organization or cause it is usually because they are extremely passionate about the subject. Volunteers aren’t compensated financially, they are simply taking time from their own schedule and life to do good things. 

This is why, I was angered to find out that one might think that having more money or getting a weekend job is more important than volunteering. It’s not like I do not already have a full-time job … I am not “doing nothing all day” and that is what infuriates me to no end. 

I chose to volunteer for many reasons but here are some:

  • I absolutely love animals
  • I am more concerned with the well-being of animals than anything else
  • Animals don’t have voices like humans do and that being said, they can not easily defend themselves when becoming trapped or hunted
  • I want an eventual career in animal care and I think the best way to start at this time in my life is to become a volunteer and familiarize myself more so I can make a difference

Pretty reasonable, right? I have so much respect for others who donate their time for a specific cause. No one is making them do it except for them and that says a lot about an individual. 

I thought that when I became a volunteer I would be respected by certain people…(and trust me, that is the last reason why I chose to be one) but instead in their eyes I am wasting my time.

Am I speaking to a certain someone? Yup. Will they read this? Probably not. I just really needed to get this out there so I could maybe help them get past the whole money part (because that’s not always the most important!) and instead, see the good in the good I’m doing. And maybe be a little proud while they’re at it.

2 Horses Meet Their Demise at the Melbourne Cup

Back in June I wrote this when the Belmont Stakes were just around the corner. I talked about the inhumane treatment horses are put through to be prepared for these races that people enjoy drinking to and betting on so much.

Today I found out that after the Melbourne Cup, 2 horses died due to injuries.

Admire Rakti, followed by fellow runner Araldo were the 2 horses.

Admire Rakti, who won the Caulfield Cup in October, died after collapsing back at the stalls just five minutes after finishing last in the Cup. Araldo, on the other hand, was returning to the mounting yard when a young boy waved a white flag in the horse’s face, causing him to freak out. He leapt forward, jumping the steel rail, and shattered a hind pastern bone in the process.

As if horses weren’t stressed out enough from the training, being overworked, and the actual race itself…

Araldo’s trainer Mike Moroney said veterinary surgeons tried desperately to save his horse’s life. At about 8pm, Araldo died.

This brings me to the question that I asked last time: is it really worth it? To the thousands of people who yell, cheer, and shout in the stands, yes. But to the people like us who care about animal welfare, no.

Ward Young, spokesman for the Coalition for the Protection of Racehorses, said in the past year about 125 horses have died during or shortly after a race.

What will it take for this awful “sport” to end? More deaths?

Rabbit Found with Ears Cut Off & Broken Leg

Seems like cases of animal abuse are not stopping. This one in particular hits home because of course, it’s a rabbit.

According to the RSPCA news (Australia), on Sunday, October 12, a rabbit with 1 broken leg and both ears cut off was found in a park. 

That alone is enough to enrage me. 

This is obviously a domestic rabbit so it had to have been someone’s pet. 

After being discovered it was taken to a 24-hour emergency hospital by the RSPCA.

Yorkshire vets took over the rabbit’s care and decided to name him Yorkie.

Unfortunately, although Yorkie was given pain medication and was taken in for surgery for his back leg, he did not survive. 

He underwent too much trauma and he was unable to recover. 

Rabbit with ears cut off © RSPCA

The RSPCA is currently looking for any information on who the abuser is.  

Thank You India

Good news, animal lovers!

The Indian Ministry of Health & Family Welfare has made a move that will end the suffering animals in labs endure every minute of the day: the Ministry has now officially banned animal-tested cosmetics from being imported into India.

According to PETA India, the new rule states 

135-B. Import of cosmetics tested on animals prohibited.—No cosmetic that has been tested on animals after the commencement of the Drugs and Cosmetics (Fifth Amendment) Rules, 2014 shall be imported into the country.

If you are unaware of what goes on in labs I have no problem bringing up a reminder…

Imagine spending your entire life in a miniscule cage, being poked, prodded, and enduring an immense amount of pain. Every year in the U.S., over 25 million animals are used in biomedical experimentation, product and cosmetic testing, and science education. This includes—dogs, cats, ferrets, rabbits, pigs, sheep, monkeys, chimpanzees, and more (neavs.org). All of the above animals are also pets. Yes, even sheep and monkeys, depending on where you live and what the circumstances are.

Not only are these creatures subjected to horrible amounts of pain but they also experience anxiety, stress, and depression, believe it or not. They don’t get to experience fresh air, sunshine, and a hearty meal. Instead they are cramped, sickly, and have depressingly short lives thanks to the the people who work in these labs.

Now back to India…I think it’s an amazing achievement, and I couldn’t be happier. But it hurts to realize that in the US, we have not made the same progress.

When will it end? When will people come to their senses that what they are doing is beyond inhumane? When will people (prisoners such as murderers, rapists, etc.) be subjected to these tests instead of animals who have no control or defense mechanisms over those who bring them into the labs? These prisoners are human, just like the products being tested are geared towards. After all, when was the last time you saw a dog wearing makeup? 


Pup’s 3rd Birthday

20140803_161221 pup grid easter pup small pup

What a bad bunny mama I am! Okay, not really, but I forgot to post for Pup’s 3rd birthday which was last Friday. I don’t know the exact date but he was born in August 2011 so I decided to make it August 15, the middle of every month. :)

With out him, I wouldn’t be who I am right now. It’s sounds cliche but it’s true. I see him in every animal and that being said, I have developed such a strong love and connection to all animals. I wouldn’t be a volunteer, I wouldn’t feel so strongly about animal welfare, and I would probably consume a lot of meat. But thanks to this guy, my life is 1000x better. I cannot imagine my life with out him. I look forward to coming home to him every day. He has got such a spunky personality (a vet even said so!) and he always does something to keep me entertained. So here’s to another 7 years more, at least, with my baby boy. He makes me laugh, has taught me so much about rabbits in general, and just makes me a better person. I love him so much!

Who says animals can’t be your best friend? After all, he is mine!