A Very Bunny Victory

The Petco ad encouraging parents to buy small animals as Christmas gifts for children is being taken down tomorrow!

taken from Change.org

Whether you watch a lot of TV or not, chances are you’ve seen Petco’s advertising campaign encouraging people to buy others the gift of an animal this Christmas. While this may seem like a fun or great idea, it certainly is not. Why? Because according to the House Rabbit Society (rabbit.org)

“…many of the rabbits purchased as presents never live to see their first birthday. Some will die from neglect, while others will be abandoned in local parks or left at animal shelters…”

The fact of the matter is, these gifts are most likely to be bought for kids who are not capable of taking care of a rabbit. They may seem like they are easy to care for and low-maintenance, but it’s just the opposite.

When pets are given as gifts, it’s all fine and dandy at first! But when the novelty eventually wares off, so does the desire to care for an animal.

SO … when animal lovers all around the country saw Petco’s commercial, they (us included!) became extremely concerned. The commercial featured a tiny bunny and a tiny cage being sold as a “small animal starter kit” for $39.99.

This was the campaign on change.org.

The mother in the Petco holiday ad nonchalantly asked if the father placed the guinea pig in a box being violently shaken by the son–a horrible message to the public. Who does this? People who are uneducated in animal care, that’s who.

In the letter written to Petco’s CEO , Linda Sue, starter of the campaign, stated:

“The jail type cages Petco is selling for rabbits have insufficient room for living, a rabbit’s cage should allow enough room for it to turn around and take a few hops comfortably until safe play time is available during each day. Rabbits should not “live” or be housed in bedding because it causes respiratory issues, rabbits are easily litter trained (with safe litter) in a sufficient sized living area so they do not breath in toxic urine smells or live in feces.”

Other animal welfare supports and Petco customers threatened to never shop at the store again, writing educating messages pleading the company to take the commercial down. 

Everyone’s hard work and persuasion made a victory, including the 4,813 who signed the petition.

Let’s keep the animals safe this holiday and instead ask ourselves if buying an animal for children is really a smart idea.



Anywhere You Go, I’ll Follow You Down…


Lately, Pup and Luna have been following me around everywhere. Is it because they love me? Or is it because they think I’m going to give them more food? I’d like to think it’s the former but with those two, who knows! 

In the kitchen…
To the fridge…
In the bathroom!
In the bedroom…
At my desk…
Staring at me from beneath my desk…
You too, Luna…
And even on the couch!
Where’d she go?!

    But who’s to say I don’t like it? I actually love it. I don’t know what I’d do with out these two little trouble makers by my side. Here’s to you guys… you nosy, too curious for your own good, cute, funny, sweet, and gentle creatures. The world needs to rescue more of you so you can all experience the love and comfort of a home!


Moar Cats


More and more cats are getting adopted from HART. It’s bittersweet because I will miss seeing these cats every week. However, they’re going to their forever homes so it’s a fantastic thing!

Gumdrop is going to his forever home tomorrow along with his brother Hershey
Hershey will be going to his forever home tomorrow with his brother, pictured above, Gumdrop
Gumdrop and Hershey’s sister, Sprinkles
Gumdrop relaxing during his last night in the adoption center!
Gumdrop and Sprinkles (bag on head) playing together one last time. Like I said, bittersweet!
Cheddar kneading his cushy bed. Look at those claws!
Cheddar always seems so content. He’s always purring.

Bonded Bunnies


For those who remember me mentioning that I had lost all hope in Pup and Luna becoming bonded bunnies, you’ll be surprised to find out that they are now friends and have been for a good two months!!


That’s right. I can now call them brother and sister and it’s obvious they really love each other. Pup used to be so aggressive, especially with her, but now he is totally submissive around her. He always lowers his head when she’s near him and flops on the ground (hoping she’ll flop right next to him). Sometimes she won’t acknowledge this (probably to get him back for all of the times he growled and nipped at her) and other times she’ll lay down right next to him, giving me the perfect opportunity to snap a photo. 


I couldn’t be happier that this new neutral environment has helped my bunnies become friends. And I can now say that I have two bonded bunnies! I don’t have to worry about separating them anymore or letting them out at different times while making sure they both get equal amounts of exercise time. Now they can be out all day, every day together and gallivant around the room to their little heart’s content. 

Luna: “what’re you lookin’ at lady?”

Cruelty Free Lip Balm: Our First Batch


As you know, I only use cruelty free products. So I figured it would be fun to make my own! This evening, my boyfriend Dan and I made our own lip balm. He did most of the work while I observed (hey, I’m bad with measuring and eye-ing things!). I’ll eventually contribute more.

Anyway, here’s how to do it:

  1. Gather the ingredients
  • NOW solutions natural avocado oil
  • JASON vitamin E skin oil
  • Sun Essentials eucalyptus oil (you can use the essential oil of your choice)
  • Leven Rose jojoba oil
  • Milliard candelilla wax

2. Combine the avocado oil and jojoba with the candelilla wax and set the cup down into a saucepan filled with a couple inches of water to create a makeshift double boiler. Heat the water over medium-low heat until everything melts together!


3. Add the essential oil, vitamin E, and jojoba oil and mix

4. Use a dropper to drop the solution into lip balm tube

                          IMG_1816 IMG_1817

5. Place the cap on the tubes, wait a few minutes, and enjoy your home-made, cruelty-free lip balm!


Once we get the hang of it more, we will start creating our own labels as well as other fun products (deodorant, body butter, etc.)!

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Adopt a Pet Today

Animals. They’re funny, unique, and intelligent creatures. How else would we get through our days with out watching at least 3 cat videos? Below are 5 darn good reasons why you should consider adopting a furry, feathered, or scaly friend ASAP.

They'll make ya laugh.
They’ll make ya laugh.
  1. You’ll be a hero (sans cape). Think about it. You’re saving a life. According to the ASPCA, 2.7 million animals are euthanized in shelters each year. That’s a scary statistic. You can be your dog, cat, rabbit, bird—or any other animal that fits your style’s—own personal hero. (source: http://www.aspca.org/about-us/faq/pet-statistics)
  1. They’re natural anti-depressants! Having an animal companion around can improve ones mood greatly and reduce stress. If you own a dog you’ll be greeted at the door everyday, get a lot more exercise, and laugh about 10 times more than usual at the crazy things they do. Also, pets need to be handled, fed, and loved a lot, so you won’t have time to sit and stew in a negative place. You’ll have better things to do—like cuddle!
  1. Pets can sense danger. A dog’s bark can easily alert their owner that danger is near. But did you know other types of animals can provide a sense of protection to their owners? A few examples: a parrot in Florida squawked and flapped so loudly that the family woke up before fire detectors went off, and they escaped a fire. A dog in New Jersey, with a spinal condition, pulled himself up the stairs and alerted his sleeping family about a fire (Who’s crying? I’m not crying!) A pet snake in China alerted his sleeping owner of a fire by grabbing the owner’s clothes with his teeth and whipping the bed with his tail. These are just some of many amazing ways on how animals can provide astounding protection to their home and owners. (source: http://www.lifespan.com/7-reasons-get-pet/2/)
  1. You can become more compassionate. Owning a pet who depends on you for survival, good health, and happiness, can definitely cause you to become a more compassionate person. Many people have limited their intake of meat (some have even gone full vegetarian or vegan) because the thought of loving animals being harmed and tortured saddens them. (source: http://www.lifespan.com/7-reasons-get-pet/2/)
  1. You have a built-in best friend. Who needs girls’ nights or a night out with the guys when you have Fido staring at you with his big puppy dog eyes?! (Just kidding, girls’ and guys’ nights out are important! Hello, wine and beer!) Who greets you excitedly at the door? Who smothers you with wet, sloppy kisses? Who can’t judge you and loves you for who you are? Your pet.

Five reasons not enough? Go visit your local animal shelter and play with some animals who are in dire need of love, affection, and attention. You might not leave alone!

Cats, Cats, Glorious Cats

I started volunteering for a different rescue last month, Homeless Animal Rescue Team (HART). 

My favorite lil girl, Patches
My favorite lil girl, Patches

What I do is go to PetSmart where the cat adoption center is located and clean the cat cages twice a week. 

Tiny Turtle
Tiny Turtle

It may sound boring but I enjoy it because I get to interact with the cats for 2 hours. These cats are caged all day long watching people come and go in the store and patiently sitting there, but not tolerating, as little kids bang on the glass. As soon as the first cat is released, the other cats start to meow and stick their paws through the cage doors, begging me to let them out too.

Most of the cats can be released at once, which is good, but since some are new and haven’t been properly introduced to the others I have to let them out separately, which is sad. And I swear once it’s time for me to put them back in for the night, their meows sound like “no! nooo!” and it hurts to close the door and walk away.

Beautiful big-eyed Beth

I often leave the place feeling sad because I feel like there’s nothing else I can do for them. Besides donating money to the rescue (which I will do in two days on pay day) I feel helpless. While I’m there I try to make each cat feel loved and wanted. Last week one cat got diarrhea and one just got over conjunctivitis. This week another cat got diarrhea and now I’m afraid the cat who shares a cage with him will get it.  

I always think about the little guys and hope they all stay healthy and not get worse. To say they all need homes is an understatement. I wish I could foster (hey, maybe when I get my new place) or adopt one of my own, but right now that’s impossible because my family’s dog would go crazy.

Sterling, the trouble maker
Sterling, the trouble maker

Anyway, I’m glad I started volunteering with HART because there’s already so much that I’ve learned about cats and I have developed such a closeness to them all. They each have their own personalities and quirks and they make me laugh every time (although they can be a handful).

Lucky, the spunky cat
Lucky, the spunky cat
Chuck, who loves to play
Chuck, who loves to play
One-eyed and shy Ruby girl
One-eyed and shy Ruby girl
Chedder, the hisser
Cheddar, the hisser
Theo, the Alpha
Theo, the Alpha