The Simplicity of Animals

I am sitting on the floor of my bedroom typing away on my laptop and there is only one thing slowing me down.

A furry black ball of in the form of my rabbit Pup is a mere inch away from my right elbow. Every once in awhile between tonight’s grooming session, he will poke his head onto my keyboard and silently beg for pets. But I don’t mind. 

When he’s had enough (which is seldom) he will hop a few steps away and start to groom himself endlessly. During this act his head bounces up and down while he stands on his hind legs and continues licking. You would never guess that rabbits are so compulsive about keeping their coat neat and in place. If a section of fur is standing the opposite way–forget about it.

Post-groom session

Post-groom session

Pup is an interesting character. Everybody thinks their pet is the most interesting pet alive which isn’t a bad thing. It’s just that a non-rabbit owner would never guess how expressive and intuitive these creatures are. 

Rabbits are sneaks…mischievous little fellas. It all depends on the rabbit himself but the two I’ve been blessed with are pretty clever. 

Pup loves rummaging through my bedroom trash can. So much, in fact, that I had to move it to where he couldn’t get it. And boy, rabbits love a challenge. But before I moved the trash can Pup found a way of getting inside. He used his nose to nudge the trash right next to my desk chair. After the trash was in a good spot, Pup jumped onto my chair and dove headfirst into the can. Not for long though, because I heard him rustling through it, like a raccoon would scavenge through your garbage, and went to his aid (not that he needed it). 

Luna, on the other hand, decided to take it upon herself to rip into the large bag of hay I keep behind the gate in my room (aka the “no rabbit trespassing zone”). This gate is set up securely but this little squeaker used her nose (notice a theme here with the noses?) with all her might and managed to slide the gate aside. She then proceeded to bite multiple holes into the bag of hay, having her own delicious feast. Apparently the hay she already had in her cage wasn’t good enough. The only thing this resulted in was a gigantic mess for me to clean when I got home. 

There is no doubt in my mind that no matter what animal you own (or decide to own in the future) he/she will never fail to amuse you with their silly antics. And what may seem silly to you may not be to them. They are all-business, determined little buggers. Even if their antics get them into trouble at times we need to learn to laugh. Their lives are so much simpler than ours and we should learn from them that ours can be simple too.

Go to your local shelter and consider adopting a homeless animal today. It will make a difference in their world and yours.

February: Adopt a Rescued Rabbit Month

Alright bunny lovers, if you didn’t already know, February is Adopt a Rescued Rabbit Month. When you adopt a rabbit, or any animal for that manner, you are improving it’s life. You are bringing it into your home, providing it with food, love, and care. You are also freeing up space in shelters so more abandoned/neglected/hurt rabbits can have a place to live until they get adopted.

It’s a whole process and the pros most definitely outweigh the cons. In fact, there aren’t any cons to adopting a rabbit. You will simply fall in love with their unique personalities and their cute little habits.

Random rabbit fact: REW’s (ruby-eyed whites) aka New Zealand Whites along with all black rabbits are breeds that are the least likely to get adopted.

Why? Well, people love cute. Who doesn’t want a cute pet? Some may think all blacks look boring (as an owner of two I can tell you, in fact, that they are not boring!). As for the New Zealand Whites, people think they are “creepy” looking because of their red/ruby eye color. Well guess what? According to, they are known to be the friendliest and sweetest breed! 

Read the chart below to learn more about this gracious breed or click here to see an enlarged photo:

Here are 5 terrific reasons to adopt a rabbit this month, or any month for that matter!

  • Rabbits are easy to please with simple foods.

Yup. As long as they get their hay and fresh leafy greens they are satisfied.

  • They’re eco-friendly!

What do you mean, eco-friendly? Well, they love chewing on things. Take it from me. You don’t have to throw away those old phone books, paper towel/toilet paper rolls (ones with out the glue), or cardboard boxes! Rabbit’s teeth don’t stop growing so they are always chewing on things to file down those chompers.

  • They help reduce stress.

Watching them play, hop around happily, groom themselves, or flop on the ground has a calming affect. According to and,

Simply petting a bunny on your lap can reduce the stress hormone cortisol and increase your happiness by releasing serotonin. Snuggling up and cuddling with a bunny can even lower blood pressure.

  • They’re natural comedians.

No, seriously, I laugh at Pup every darn day. Luna too, but Pup is the comedic bun. Just watching him flick his feet as he’s hopping away from me (a sign of annoyance), binky about (happy jump), or even groom himself for almost an hour straight, always makes me laugh. This goes along with the above fact!! Watching them eat is great too. The way they chew and make noise when they eat is simply adorable and hilarious.

  • And lastly, they will offer you long-lasting companionship.

And what is better than that. You’ll have a new best friend. You’ll look forward to coming home at the end of the day. You’ll have them to snuggle with. They’re just a big life improvement overall. 

Adopt a rabbit. You won’t regret it!


Poetry Pup

I’m still in my amature poetry mode so here goes:




I know you think I’m cute

It’s too bad that I am mute

If rabbits could talk then I would say,

“Get that camera outta my way!”




There’s nothing like fresh greens

If you miss feeding time I get mean

I’ll circle your feet and won’t be sweet

And wreck everything you’ve just cleaned!

Haikus for Two

I don’t think I’ve written a haiku since I was in high school.

But I thought it would be nice to post something different once in a while.



Two long pointy ears

Coat silky as a ribbon

Loves to cause mischief.

Luna 1


As shy as can be

Her ears always flop about

So prim and proper.



Wild cheeky buns

They love to hop, play, and run

Stoic as can be

Where the Wild Rabbits Go

With the anticipated winter storm Juno, naturally, the first thing that came to mind was, What’s going to happen to all of the wild rabbits (as well as other wild animals)? The harsh cold, wind, and snow will surely put a damper on all wildlife right?

Fortunately, wild rabbits are adapted to live in this type of environment. To sort of put my mind at ease I decided to do some research on what happens to wild rabbits when a storm strikes and how they survive.

Where Do Rabbits Live?

Rabbits live in a wide range of different areas such as meadows and grasslands but they usually dig up burrows under the ground. Burrows are safe spots for them to live in such ways as they provide warmth, protection, and a place to rest. These borrows are also called warrens or dens.They provide a nice source of warmth for the rabbits so they don’t freeze. Rabbits also have nests which they fill with grass and straw that works as a perfect insulator, trapping the rabbit’s body heat and thus maintaining its body temperature in the normal range. They exit these burrows when it’s time to forage for food. They appear aboveground around dawn or dusk when the weather is milder.

Fun fact: a rabbit can withstand the cold weather much better than it can the stress of extreme heat

What Do Rabbits Eat?

Rabbits will eat shrubs, berries, bark, twigs, vegetables they find in gardens, and grass. Their droppings also provides a significant amount of nutrients to keep them healthy. These aren’t the kind of droppings you’d commonly see scattered along your backyard either. They are called cecotropes and if they do not eat them they can become malnourished.

What is the Survival Rate?

It may be that rabbits born every spring have a much higher survival rate because of abundant resources and fewer predators, which could result in the greater densities that we see. When the winter rolls around the now abundant rabbits are limited by food availability, and rabbit numbers decline until spring comes around again (

Fun fact: a rabbit’s fur coat thickens during the winter to keep them warm

If you see a wild rabbit outside in the winter time, it is usually because they are going from one place to another to find food or refuge. Help out by leaving some carrot tops, lettuce, or other greens out onto your lawn!

Here’s to hoping for a safe, warm, and stress-free winter for all of the wild rabbits (and other animals) outside!


Rabbits: Do They Predict the Future?

What is your thought process when deciding on the perfect name for your pet bunny? Do you base it off appearance, personality, or whatever sounds cute? There are so many creative and fun bun names out there and it’s interesting to see what people come up with. Well, UK petcare specialists Burgess recently collected the names of almost 1000 bunnies and made a top ten list.

All of the girly names have grown in popularity over the years for babies, with names like Rosie, Lola, and Willow shooting up through the ranks–names which were already featured in the Burgess Bunny Top Ten.

This survey also taught the petcare specialists that rabbit owners may have a bit of an influence on mamas who name their own babies. It even inspired UK baby safety brand, Lindam, to look at their popular names and run their own survey. They asked their followers if they would consider some of the most popular bunny names for their new baby girls. The results showed that 40% of them would!

Are you ready to see the top ten bunny names? (Bonus: cute and cuddly bunnies included!)

Top 10 Rabbit Names:

1. Poppy

Poppy: the most popular name by 5 votes.

Poppy: the most popular name by 5 votes.

2. Rosie

This Rosie is on a grooming spree!

3. Willow

3 willow

Willow, just like the elegant tree!

4. Daisy

4 daisy

Daisy, another name from the flower family.

5. Lily

5. lily

Lily, yet again another lovely flower name.

6. Lola

6 lola

Lola, a beautiful name for a beautiful rabbit.

7. Thumper

7 thumper

Thumper, the classic bunny name. Reminiscent of the cheeky rabbit in Bambi…

8. Luna

8 luna

Luna: Harry Potter inspired? Or the beautiful glowing moon in the night sky? Luna is Latin for moon.

9. Bella

9 bella

Bella means beautiful in Italian. It may have also been inspired from Bella of Twilight.

10. Charlie

10 charlie

Last but not least we have Charlie. Charlie can be either a boy or girl name!

Love Me Back to Life

If you’re familiar with my blog, I’m sure you remember me mentioning the California based rescue group, Hope for Paws. Their latest dog rescue video was posted today and I thought I’d reflect on it because it seems to be a common occurrence for abandoned pets. 

This video focused on a dog whose family moved away and left her there at the house alone. They didn’t bother to bring her along with them or even drop her off at a shelter. They simply picked up and left.

Of course, when a dog is left vulnerable and sees strangers they become defensive and may bark, growl, or run away from those coming towards them. That’s what this dog named Madison did. Luckily there was nowhere for the dog escape to so she gained the rescuer’s trust and was swiftly brought to the pet hospital for a bath and health check. Fortunately this video had a happy ending and she is currently being fostered. Here is the video below:

It just bothers me that people choose to get a pet and later on in life decide they don’t need/want it anymore. No animal should be neglected like that. They don’t know what’s going on. They were probably still waiting for their owners to return. If someone doesn’t want their pet anymore they should have the decency to surrender it to an animal shelter at least.

Thank goodness for Hope for Paws!